Gun Laws and Abortion Laws?

Why do we continue to compare firearms laws to abortion laws when any man or woman could own a gun with the same rights?  I’m confused cause it makes no sense.  These are two different issues.  A weapon if used correctly by an EDUCATED person will save your life, as well as take your life. Both issues are sooooooo complicated because it all comes down to one thing for both issues, EDUCATION and RESPONSIBILITY.  No matter the law change, many will still have a problem and fight to reverse it.  So please tell me, what do we do?  Do we let people do what they want or do we educate them to make better decision?  This goes for both gun ownership and safe sex.  As parents many of us fail to educate our kids. As adults(and young adults) many of us make bad decisions when we own a gun.  I’m in a place where I don’t want to be afraid to say what I feel.  Having this fear of being attacked for pretty much being that, uneducated.  My girls, I will try my best to educate them but what if they decide to go against what I teach them, then what?  If they got pregnant against their will, yeah it should be their right to make that choice.  If it happens from them being careless, we failed as parents.  It all starts in your home.  These days parents are more afraid to upset their kids rather than teach them right from wrong.  So tell me, what do we do?  Cause you have to keep in mind, the people making the laws get shit from all sides, and I wish there was a way to make everyone happy, but unfortunately there isn’t.  So put your phones down, your iPads down, your headphones down, and spend some time with your babies and do your best to teach them right from wrong.  We are all guilty of this and that includes me.  Just my opinion as I don’t have all the answers only what I feel.

Hope things get better but look around you, the whole world is in danger. 

Happy Friday everyone. Much love, be good, and be safe.