Finally Decided to add a 3rd Monitor to my PC Gaming Setup

Finally decided to add a 3rd monitor to my gaming PC. The 4th one is hooked up to my Xbox one with the El Gato connection to my PC.  I wanted to add a third monitor for all the chats as I play on the Xbox one. Makes it easier to look down than to turn my gears to see if anyone wrote me, I like playing your game and with the corner of your eye see the chat move. Makes sense to me but I will be testing it out tonight. Haven’t been streaming as much as I wanted to lately, just busy with work and family. But I’ll be back in full force soon. Thanks for watching and please feel free to let me know if this is cool or it sucks or throw it all away, ect lol Is this a little overkill? Y’all have a great weekend and hope you check me out sometime. I enjoy playing with anyone that’s watching.

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