400 Followers on Twitch. Yay

Tonight we got a milestone. 400 followers on Twitch. Yay. 🤣🤣🤣. Yeah I’ve been affiliated for about a year now and yes there are people that have accomplished way more and faster than I have, but I’m just enjoying the journey baby. Meeting new people, making new friends, making people mad in-game and getting them to say mean things to me while I stream lol I’m here to have a great time, take that negative energy somewhere else.  Im here to spread the love and just have a good time and be as entertaining as I can be. Im not always gonna be the place to be, but one day I will be. Thanks for the 400 followers my dude. Now let’s get it poppin. My birthday is next week, Sept 4th I turn 46.  Going for a sure 6 hour stream but planing to do a 12 hour stream. Join me and let’s have a good time. Playing all kinds of games so I’m sure there will@be something for everyone. Thanks again and have a great night yall 🥰🥰🥰🥰🍻

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